archive ::: writings

  • [as The Bensplainer], "Discussing 3 performances @ Friendly Confrontations - Festival of Global Art and Criticism of Institutions at Münchner Kammerspiele" [with Victor Sternweiler], (February 2020) [click here]
  • [as The Bensplainer], "Discussing the group show sensational and anti-generative successions @ Nir Altman, Munich" [with Victor Sternweiler], (February 2020) [click here]
  • [as The Bensplainer], "On Renato Leotta's Eine Sandsammlung @ Kunsthalle Skt. Gallen, 2018," (February 2020) [click here]
  • "Utrecht, Caravaggio und Europa. La genesi del Barocco," Doppiozero (July 2019) [click here]
  • "La bellezza è organizzazione. Wu Ming, Proletkult," Giap – Wu Ming Foundation (May 2019) [click here]
  • "Firenze e i suoi pittori," Doppiozero (December 2018) [click here] 
  • […]
  • "Torino," Flash Art Italia, 288 (November 2010) [click here]
  • "Circular Experience," text for Daniel Barroca, The Sleepers, Qbox Gallery, Athens (October-December 2009) [click here]
  • "Sulla visibilità e sull'ambiguità," in: Anja Puntari, Pippi, Annika e Linda, exh. cat., CHAN, Genova (2009)
  • "Adriano Nasuti-Wood, Galleria SpazioA, Pistoia, Italy," Exibart (June 2008) [click here]
  • "Claudia Losi, Museo Marino Marini, Firenze," Exibart (April 2008) [click here]
  • "Emanuele Becheri, Galleria Enrico Fornello, Prato, Italy," Exibart (March 2008) [click here]
  • "…5 Minutes Later, KW, Berlin," Exibart (January 2008) [click here] 
  • "History Will Repeat Itself, KW, Berlin," Exibart (November 2007) [click here] 
  • "Jeff Wall, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin," Exibart (November 2007) [click here]
  • "Alveare Off: tre dubbi linguistici," Altrevelocità (Summer 2007) [click here]

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archive ::: curated exhibitions

  •  See bio (2006-2012)

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Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

Research Assistant at Painting and Graphic Art Class, Prof. Anke Doberauer

  • Seminar: "Autorship in 20th Century: Tomashevsky, Mukarovsky, Barthes, Foucault, Genette, Miller, Woodmansee" (2020)
  • Seminar: "Giorgio Agamben's Creation and Anarchy" (2019)
  • Seminar: "The 1960s: Authorship in Barthes and Foucault" (2017/2018)
  • Seminar: "Origins of Criticism (Plato, Nietzsche, Foucault)" (2016/2017)
  • Seminar: "Non-Narrative Filmmaking (Fellini, 8 1/2; Resnais, L'Année dernière à Marienbad; Bene, Nostra Signora dei Turchi; Jarmush, Permanent Vacation)" (2015/2016)
  • Seminar: "History of Exhibition Making in Early 20th Century (Malevich, Dada, El Lissitzky, French Surrealists)" (2015)
  • Field trips to Basel, Dresden, Italy (Firenze, Mantova, Padova, Ferrara, Bologna, Ravenna, Urbino, Arezzo, 2015-2019)
  • Curatorial Assistance and Exhibition Production at the Annual Exhibition (Jahresausstellung) and at specific projects outside the Academy (2015-2020), f.i. "Freisingsing," Altes Gefängnis, Freising, Bayern (March 2017) [click here for SZ review]
  • Design and Administration of the class' website 
  • Paper Pusher Activities

archive ::: lectures

  • "Roland Barthes, Wu Ming and Socialist Realism," Maria Pecchioli Studio, Milano, curated by Radical Intention (Maria Pecchioli, Aria Spinelli) and Valerio Del Baglivo, Milano (November 23, 2010)
  • "Is Art Still an Aesthetic Choice? – A Step," Continental Breakfast: The Pass 2009 – Fourth CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators, curated by Trieste Contemporanea, Venezia (June 3, 2009)
  • Press Conferences, Privat Flat #3 and #4, curated by Beniamino Foschini and Meridiano 12, Firenze (May 25, 2007, and June 20, 2008)